Anyone following my twitter feed recently saw there are some phishing sites going around twitter.

Looks like I’ve been orbiting a Phishing site. A friend and I were hacked on twitter.
I am wanting to shed light on this virus. It comes as a Direct Message rather than a Tweet.
It looks like this.

“i seen this picture of you on the web”
“you’re in this video”
“check this out… it’s a funny blog post. you’re mentioned in it.”

Check out: to find more safety measures to take http://www.cybercrimesunit.com/?p=1484

The link takes you to a twitter home page…If you enter your name and password into the fake twitter account you will be hacked. and sends a phish out to your entire twitter followers.

This does not sit well with me. I may already be creating a reputation as a spammer. As one of my links has been added to a blacklisting site. Those who do follow me regularly, please know that I do not participate in these practices and I will take every effort to make your life as valuable as possible if you want to learn me.

Although, not everyone will want to learn what I have to teach.

Good news came out of getting hacked, though.Aside from probably all my personal stuff coming to ruin and furthering to damage my reputation. I did get more feedback than any of my other tweets. It is good to know there are at least 8 good acts that happen for every bad one.

I am guessing the ratio is a lot more good that happens in the world than bad. To all the phisher’s out there: “you are a worth much more than the bad you create, phisher.”

For anyone interested in PHISHING SCHEMES. We actually made a comicbook about it. You can check it out here for FREE. JUSTICE CASE FILES 2

When bad things come to us, a lot of hate, seek revenge, and anxiety comes from it. My identity was actually stolen a couple years ago. It is not a fun thing to experience.

I actually accused the person sending me the virus of hacking me. As it turned out, that person was hacked too. My followers are nicer than me in this regard. Makes me know that I still have much to learn. Life always hands us humility lessons. Don’t ignore these. Learn from them to grow as a person.