How To Flat-Out Get Things Done

It’s easy to get things done when you have a boss hanging over your shoulder, yelling “Hey, Get This Done!” When you are left to your own scheduling priorities, sometimes the work becomes a little harder to achieve. Your family has needs, your boss has needs, you have these big dreams of becoming a famous superstar in your industry, and 5 years later, you are still nowhere close to being where you are. This article is intended to give you 3 resources and some helpful advice for you to flat-out get things done.

I read a New York Times Best Seller called The Time Trap that was very helpful to me in my days as a production manager. One piece advice that it taught was that whenever you have huge list of To Do’s that you don’t know what to do is to make a list of all of them. Then rank them in order by these 2 categories: urgency and importance. Give each a value from 1 to 3. Then rank them in order

For example:

To Do List                    ____ Urgent              +           Important____=____Total
Finish cover  sketches                3                    +                   3                                    6
Pencil page three                         2                    +                   3                                    5
Write treatment                           1                    +                   2                                    3
Contact editor                               2                    +                   3                                   5
Put away the laundry                  1                    +                    1                                    2
Take the dog for a walk              1                     +                   2                                    3
Go to the kid’s recital                  2                    +                   3                                    5
Pencil page 4                                 1                    +                   3                                    4

So, your order of things to do today would be
Finish cover sketches … 6
Pencil page three … 5
Go to the kid’s recital … 5
Contact editor … 5
Pencil page 4 … 4
Write Treatment … 3
Take Dog for Walk … 3
Put away the Laundry … 2

Schedule your day and the things you don’t get done, pick up the next day what you don’t get done.

Since then, I’ve read the Four Hour Work Week, where Tim Ferris says to only do 2 things a day. If you can do 2 things that will propel you forward in your business. That would probably be better off than the 8 things you thought were important in that last list above.

Since then, of my mentors shared a new site with me. It has had a good impact on my life so far, so I wanted to share it with you. This new website is called Simpleology.

The good thing about simpleology, besides using fun cartoons and comic images… (hint, hint). It breaks things down to such a simple level, it is hard not to follow its advice (hint., hint). The site has a tremendous amount of helpful ideas to train your mind and body to achieve exactly what you want.

The first Law of Simpleology is: The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. This means that if you want to reach your goals, go directly there and do not mess around with the many other things, we get caught up with in our daily life.

I highly recommend you try one of the 30 day free trials and give it all you’ve got to learn the concepts. It is the best way I’ve seen to separate all those 1000s of ideas in your head and not get too overwhelmed with a huge to-do list. Included in the free trial is a Daily Brain Dump, a Dreamcatcher, and a Mental LockBox. Check it out.

Wherever you are at in your life or your business, one of these 3 resources should help you finish your list of tasks and start living the life you want to be living today.