How To Flat-Out Get Things Done part 2

You may find that your time is spread thinner and thinner, the more you realize all this stuff you have to get done. After you’ve priorized your tasks and dumped the silly stuff in favor of real, sustainable goals, you may have noticed that you still have a lot to do. I’ll show you in this post how to free yourself once and for all.


Anybody worthy of any work what-s0-ever has thought about cloning themselves. This will allow you to get more work done, while you sleep. The same principle applies to automation. Once something is done, it’s done. Let that work you did 5 years ago, continue to work for you today pulling in much needed income. So you don’t have to work so hard.


Going to miss a deadline? Do you know you are going to put out shoddy work because you were to greedy and now have WAY too much to handle? Send that work out to your buddies who need some work. You know you can trust them. They have probably been on your team for ages. Send ‘em some work. Pay them. You look like a star when you deliver, and your friends get some cash to buy you a Christmas present with. Everyone wins.


You can never make more money than when other people promote your stuff for you free of charge. If you learn something share it. Pass the message. People want to learn valuable insights. When you give them enough value, they’ll want their friends to know valuable insights too. This is what makes them a good friend. Friends share with you. They want to eat the same food, watch the same shows, help each other out. If you have a party, you pass the word. You get everybody to the party. No difference with your artwork. Promote your friends artwork and ask him to promote yours when you are ready. Talk it up on twitter and facebook. Invite people to the party. Who doesn’t love a good party?