How To Not Care About Getting New Ideas To Make Comics

Today’s Weight 150 lb.
Goal Weight 130 lb.
Days Left: 18
I’m going in the wrong direction. I must be working too hard.

1000 IDEAS

I was wondering whether or not, I was going to have enough
ideas to keep my blog audience entertained and fulfilled every day of this
journey. I had 10 ideas and thought I could post some quality topics. Well, if
you are ever scared of having writer’s block or having ideas for your comic,
don’t. There’s something about the way we are wired as creative beings to be

When we follow the passions we have and put focus, and
energy toward producing what we want, we will be able to keep generating ideas
that lead to our ultimate goal. The scarier thing is not whether or not we will
have ideas. The scarier thing is to decipher the “best” idea that will make the
idea worthwhile to pursue.

I just saw a documentary on Einstein’s formula:
Energy=mass (times) speed of light (squared)

Comic book formula to get ideas will be the same formula: Energy of ideas (E)= what we produce(m) x the speed of which we can produce the products (c2).

As we produce the product, we will get more and more ideas on how we can make our
products better—or other ideas that will help us create new comic book products.

Work toward your passion and harvest them.