How To Get Comfortable Charging for your Narrative Art Comic Books


Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR

Narrative Art Comic Book careers are only formed when you can make a living from your craft. If you can’t make a living from it. It is not a career. It is a hobby. It is something fun to do. If you want to make a living from it you have to charge money for it.

“I have to become comfortable talking about money.”

Narrative art comic book creators, don’t charge for their services or don’t charge enough, or can’t do it consistently. There is good reasons to talk about money and there are good reasons for charging for you work. The most important one, is that you can’t continue to do what you want to do, if you don’t charge money for your work.

“My goal is to make money.”

Instead of having a goal to make it in the industry…instead of having a goal or finishing 10,000 pages of bad art to start creating good art…have a goal instead to make money. What does “making it in the industry” mean? It means you are called enough by hiring talent agents to give you work and give you money. Why do you want to put yourself through all the trouble of creating 10,000 bad pieces of art so you can get to making the good art? So you can make money.

If you bypass all those silly goals and go directly to the target goal of: make money with my narrative art comic book medium, you will be able to make the money quicker and come up with more ideas in which to actually make money from your work.

“I don’t have money to blow.”

99% of us are broke narrative art comic book artists or writers. But no matter how much money we have or don’t have. we all have to spend less than we take in…otherwise we won’t be successful. Any form of profit, that can be used to invest in yourself, help you live and still buy your supplies is going to be very beneficial for your future if you want to make a living from your narrative art comic book career.

“First impressions are really important. I don’t want to look like a jack-ass.”

You may feel like you can’t ask people for money for your artwork, because it is not good. You may think your artwork cannot be sold for anything because of all the lies you’ve heard from the people in our industry. The fact remains that you have to forget what you’ve been told. The only way to make money is for a consumer to buy from you. When you connect with that consumer, you will make the sale. Then go connect more and more and make more and more sales.

“I know the steps I need to take to make it a business, and I need to start thinking like that.”

Once you start seeing yourself as a person who can make money in comics and using the narrative art media to get money, you will see that more and more people will want to come to you to get your narrative art comic books. If you wouldn’t pay for anything that you do, no one else will either.

If want to start thinking about stopping the FEAR OF FAILURE and start making money using the narrative art comic book medium. I highly suggest you download my free copy of DREAM STREAMING.