How to Gauge Your Success in your Comic Book Narrative Art Development

Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR
Episode 36: Jess

A narrative artist looks at Failure Club for a sense of inspiration to help you with a career as a narrative art comic book artist. As indicitive of Failure Club, yahoo failed to match the right episode with the right link. I’ll choose to forgive them for this.

We can learn a lot about our narrative art career failure from the catering extraordinaire, Jess.


Jess went to her client and she asked for referrals and wanted to see what she would say about her performance. She was told to work on timing and presentation. If she didn’t ask, she wouldn’t have gotten there at all. Who do you need to ask for feedback?


Jess immediately tried again to impress and work on what would be to rectify the situation. Which, unfortunately proves that she needs to work on timing and presentation. If she focuses on steps to increase her timing, for each job she can increase this measurement.
How are you going to implement the advice you are given?


One solution is to delegate tasks in which are not your strong suit. To have others help you is a big burden from you doing everything on your own. It frees you to do exactly what you should be focuses on. But don’t neglect learning the basic steps you need to know so you know what it looks like when everything is working properly. Who do you need to delegate items to? 


You are not perfect and it will take time to get better, but it won’t take that long. Make a plan to start implementing specific steps to get to your next level. It takes 30 days to make a habit stick in your brain, but once its there, it’s there for good. Make a habit of continually getting better and better at what you want to achieve. What specific steps can you make to get better right now?

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