How to Get a Flood of Comic Book Professionals to Look at Your Site

Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of following two great leaders in the comic book industry. Both of which have been hiding in the corners of the comic book world and suddenly thrust into the limelight because of one simple random act of chance…?

Not chance…connection.

Bleeding Cool features only the best reviews, the best articles, because they have the best audience. It is responsive and there is a lot of viewers who watch Bleeding Cool for the latest on comic book news and information. To be featured there, you better flat out have done something great. Here is a couple of specific reviews of leaders I want to draw your attention to.

Leader #1 is Phil Hampton of the Comic Academy. He put a post that saves the Comic Book Industry. Well, it got featured on Bleeding Cool and he had a lot of visitors rocket to his site and see what he was offering. He now gets about 1500 visitors a month coming to his site, checking out his latest wares and getting help from his personal marketing services to help you make more money in comics.

Leader #2 is Tyler James Comic who has been peddling away for a couple of years doing do-it-yourself distribution to comic shops. Well, ever since his latest title of Joe Mulvey’s SCAM sold out of his first printing under the ComixTribe label, Tyler James also got a hit from Bleeding Cool. And readers ransacked his online store to snatch the last remaining copies of SCAM #1. And comic creators out of the wordworks came out congratulating him. “You made it! You got featured on Bleeding Cool.”

This is a great lesson in marketing your comic books. Social Proof. If someone else thinks you’re cool. You’re cool. If only you think you’re cool. Probably–NOT SO MUCH.

Bleeding Cool is a great website and a great name. But do you really make it just when you get a feature on Bleeding Cool. I don’t think so. You may get a ton of hits to your site, but what does that matter, if you have no where to channel them. Tyler James had his store. Phil Hampton has his personal services. What is your services? Where is your audience going to go when you get that big hit on Bleeding Cool?

Do something with that traffic or they will all just leave and you’ll never see them again…unless you get another big feature article on Bleeding Cool.

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