How to Fix a Bad Narrative Art Comic Book Job


Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR
How to fix a bad narrative art comic book job

GOAL: 10,000 cusomers in a year. Out of 500 people in her list she got 7. But the real challenge is pleasing those 7 clients. Word of mouth spreads. If you provide good quality service, word gets around. Liz finds out how important each customer is in this episode. As we look at our narrative art comic book career, you will want to learn these lessons, too.

“I’m glad to be in a business, where I can get good feedback.”

Feedback is everything. If you don’t get the engagement from your customers, you don’t know what you are doing right or wrong. You are just guessing. It is critical to listen and consider. Does it mean you have to do everything a customer says? No. But that one customer would buy differently if you did.

I worked for a company that would change everything they did just because one person complained about something. That is the power of feedback. It is not that you are supplying product to 1000s of people that sort of care about your product. It is that you are supplying your product to 1 person who cares passionately enough to tell you you’ve screwed it up. At that point you have to decide if this customer is worth fighting for…if this person has the best interest of the product…if you are targeting the wrong person…or if this person is just a looney–hell bent on destroying your company.

“I have gotten my first unsatisfied customer.”

I wish every company would take the high road like Liz did. And pay for any damage done by the cause. Perhaps, most do. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken my car, or computer in for repair and they don’t really fix the problem and I’m out $400 because of the time it took to assess the problem. I’m almost never satisfied with the work they do. I dread going to these places for the tiniest of problems because I don’t trust them.

The word of mouth Liz will get from this one act of kindness will come back to help her, I’m sure. We all mess up. That’s human. It’s how we fix those problems that’s key to longterm success.

“How can we resolve them in a way in which they don’t expect us to.” 

The biggest problem I had in shipping a lot of comics, the printer had shipped comics out to a site and the company signed for them. They sat in the wearhouse for a year and when the customer finally opened them, they weren’t all there. Who knows what happened to them? But there was a discrepency of about 2000 books.

If it was my money, I probably would have paid to have the 2000 books reprinted to get the clients the books they needed. My boss didn’t do it. Eventually, the client paid to reprint the books at cost. This was unfortunate because the client would probably never order from my old company again. And they haven’t.

It doesn’t really matter who is right in those situations, you just want to do whatever you can to hold onto your good customers. The flip side is when they take advantage of you, but then, they are not good customers. You can fire those customers.

“If I let any little thing that comes in my stop me, I would have been out of here a month ago, but I’m in it for the long haul.”

Why are you doing what you are doing? Why do you want to be a comic book narrative art marketer? You do it because it is in your drive to spread the narrative art media further than we have ever seen it. It is in your blood and your DNA. Everything you do is based off of you living life and living it more abundantly. You just can’t stop doing that. When you are living out your dream, what else could you possibly do?

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