How to Start Making Comics


It can be difficult to get started making yourself start making comics. Whether
you have been doing it forever or you are just starting out. You still have to
get up. Put pencil to the page, and begin. It is incredibly important that you
do start.

My trainer decided in order to win the competition we should do two marathons instead of just one. (and by ‘we’ he meant ‘me’). So I’m  going out today because it is a good day. We are never really ready, and I’m getting a late start, but maybe, I’ll make it.

Even after doing this for so long, (running and comics) you still have to take the first step. Not many people think they can run a marathon (26.2 miles). But they do think they can take one step. So do that. Then take the next one. And start now — you never know how far those steps will take you.

*RUNNING WITH COMICS LESSONS: Start making comics now!