How to Find the Connections Between Your Favorite Artists

Visit COMIC VINE to find all comic creators, artists, writers, and publishers. This is a great site to find out how everyone is connected in our comic book world. You can put your link up there with your contact info and get people to your site. If you want to put your work up there, it is good for SOCIAL PROOF that what you are doing is comic related.

It looks like you can add anyone and edit other posts. They have a place you can show off your work and get news and information there, too. They have comics dating back to the ’30s that you can see.

I like that there is so much content on the site, I could spend all day there and still never fully tap that resource. The creativity coming from this source file is overwhelming. They do a podcast every Friday about comic-related news.

There are some very useful things you can do on this site.

The best use of this site is to get a beat on who is connected to who. You want to find how to contact Joe Quesada, maybe there is a trail you can find to help get an inroad somewhere. You can connect with other like-minded artists and creators and start building personal connections with them. There is a philosophy that there is only 6 degrees of separation between you and anyone else on the earth. But you have to find that connection. Comic Vine helps you do that.

You can view them by most appearance, alphabetical, newest, or recent edits to their pages. This site is the Wikipedia of the Comic Book World. You can target male or female creators as well.

Here is a quick strategy when seeking Vine followers. It is easy to see who is the big people in comics by having the most posts. Your number of 250 looks really good compared a number like 5. People think you are a big shot if you have a lot of titles. So if you have produced things, go and put them up there.

There is a lot of free, friendly advice given on forums as well.

The COMIC VINE lets you put an email address and website to give people a way to contact you. This can be your own personal branding page. The best part is everyone else can help brand you too. Anyone can write about you, too.

Go get started filling out a COMIC VINE profile today.