Face Your Fears


Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR

I am going to start calling this section of the Blog Face Your Fears instead of Friday Failure Club. I think it is a more accurate reflection of what we are trying to accomplish with this part of the site.

Elizabeth wants to write a #1 selling song on itunes.
Where are we without dreams, right?

“It’s hard to play something you don’t really know very well.”

Good, it’s supposed to be that way, otherwise everyone would do it. What makes success is keep pushing forward. I made a 2-minute video outlining the purpose of discipledeep. It took my 2 days to record it and trying to learn the words and actions, but it’s done. I think I will taking much quicker steps in the future….hopefully.

“You gotta like what you are doing. The chef eats his own soup. It’s the only way.”

Well, it’s not the only way, but there is not very far you will go if you do not like what you are doing. Your life is in your passions. You don’t want to give your soul to somebody else. You want to live life and be happy with it.

“I have to find out what other people think of my music.”

This is a key determinant of if you will be successful or not. People sometimes live their whole life not knowing if people will buy their product. Isn’t it a shame to be ahead of your time. Other people benefit from your work and you never see that? Perhaps, you should do what Elizabeth does and test your product before you waste your whole life putting out something that is too far ahead of its time. Make the money now.

“Now that I’ve done that, I feel happy now.”

That is what I want you to feel like. This is what I feel like. Maybe we can feel this way together.

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