How to Face Your Fear Telling a Great Narrative Art Comic Book Story

EPISODE 29– Eric

Friday Failure Club — FACE YOUR FEAR

Goal: Build a motorcycle in memory of my dad.

Eric’s story gets better and better. I cannot relate at all with him tearing things out and being so mechanically inclined. But I can relate to the story he is trying to tell. Something that will leave an impact with him and his family for generations. Stories is all we have holding our life apart from everyone else’s. What’s your story? Today, I’ll discuss some things to think about when telling your story with the narrative art medium.

“Pearl white frame with red pinstriping–with a throwback to my dad’s martial arts.”

Design is an interesting element. You will hear movie producers say why certain things are included in a shot. Pop-up rock videos say why certain elements are included in filming the video. I remember when they did the LOST pop-up video episodes. Character or places were named after certain elements. It’s really these little things that don’t appear to have meaning, that adds to the richness of a story when you find out that there is a purpose for everything that goes into a story. It helps your story become more believable.

“Stripping everything away so we can get at the engine.”

Telling your story has to come from one central element. One core piece that is fundamentally the root of the story the reason for it’s existance. The one line: I’m building a bike to honor my dad. That is the root of the story. The story, the journey, everything is based off that one principle. If that principle does not define you, you have to find something so simple, that in it’s core essence is the story you want to tell.

I recently watched “Being Elmo” on Netflix. The puppeteer said Elmo’s story was “Love”. This is how simple, and yet how powerful and key element that your story can be built around. You want to find the engine of your story. Everything else is just the framework.

“This is a story you can tell your family. You have to have stories to tell”

By passing stories on for generations and generations, you can tell you story without anyone altering it. The best way to tell your story is through the use of narrative art. It lasts a lifetime and children remember the story for ages. If you have a story to tell, tell it through narrative art.

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