How to Engage and Capture Your Audience

Facebook, Twitter, and Google + all have their place in the world, but nothing will be able to outlast this one tried and true methond to engage your fans. Only a handful of websites in the comic industry use this on their website. And those that do, don’t use it effectively.

When you throw your message out to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you have people’s distracted attention, they are going to see everything competing with you. When you have someone’s email. It is private. It is personal. We don’t give our email out to anyone. We only give it out to those we trust. Why? Because we hate SPAM. We have filters upon filters to block anyone we don’t want in. So when you do get through to a person, that relationship builds exponentially right away.

You don’t sell through email. You build a relationship. It is how I have been able to build relationships through projects with creatives for 7 years in the industry. It is how I have been able to keep in touch with my family and friends all across the country. I do use these social platforms, but there is none other than email to connect directly to the heart.

On the social platforms, everyone is talking and it can be hard to listen through the noise. On the email platform, people listen, people respond. … Interestingly enough, I’ve noticed as project manager, any time I would send an email out, people would get back to me right away. If I never sent anything out, they wouldn’t get back with me.

The same is true today. If I am going to get a response, I have to initiate something. If I’m not initiating, no one cares. What are you going to start initiating today to build a relationship with your email audience?

I found a habit I do with email that gets me the best results. For people who don’t know me, I give them great content for free and I let them get to know me. By filling out an email request form on my site, you will get free products, you will get awesome advice on how to make and market yourself better than any other comic book professional on the planet, and you will learn how to make money from your efforts instead of just wishing for it.

Perhaps, you will like to get valuable stuff for free. You may want to check in tomorrow as there is something big happening tomorrow that I want you to see. You will want to enter your email address to see it. You won’t believe the mind shift that I will be sharing with you. I shared this with people on my email list already. and here is just one response I got.

“Daniel, I have a great eye for what people want before they know what it is and by the time I draw and write my projects often the moment has passed and I see the trends pass me by.  This is a frustration I’ve dealt with for years.  So what you are saying is like a light in the darkness for me.  I can’t believe it never occurred to me before.”

You don’t want to miss it. You can sign up tomorrow. If you want to see about how this email thing can benefit you, you may want to click the GetResponse ad at the bottom this website and they’ll show you everything you need to know to get started.