From Elevator Pitch to Product Instantly

I recently saw ComixTribe is ramping up publishing Creator owned content, good for them. I will recommend anyone who wants a publishing company to go with them. Tyler James is a leader in our industry you should follow him. The ComixTribe is a wonderful, wonderful resource, I cannot think of any other site on the web as highly useful to independent comic creators who want to get their work into comic book stores.

If you want to bring your product to the world, though, I suggest you follow me.

This is an excerpt to pitch a comic (as suggested by @TylerJamesComic):

Title –
Name of Project Publisher –
Name of Publisher Logline –
One sentence high concept. Short synopsis –
200 word series synopsis.
Target Audience Type/Format –
Mini-series, ongoing, OGN, etc. Creative Team –
(And credits)
Anticipated Release Schedule – Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, etc.

Images –
Sample Cover
Four Pages of Sequential

If you have all this right here. You don’t have a pitch, you’ve got a product. Go sell it and make some money.

P.S. If you are into wanting to make a lot of money, I would suggest you try to find out first why you don’t have any money, find out second what ethical craft you would use to get money, and find out third what is going to stop you from getting money.

Once you have figured that out you may want to join me for a special time tonight.