How to do Something You’ve Never Done Before


Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR

How to Do Something You’ve Never Done Before?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

What stops us from doing anything is we don’t know what to expect. The fear of moving out of our comfort zone paralyzes us. By having someone just show you what to expect and systematically take you from zero knowledge to the knowledge of one. This means you have the very best details to be confident and comfortable with your new knowledge.

Then it’s time to get on the horse and ride. You will get your knowledge. You will get your action. You will want to be strong, but you will experience pain. You will experience humiliation. You will experience failure. You may not be ready for it. You may hate it. At that point you can decide is the pain of moving forward to success better than the pain you are in now… of not having your projects out there for the world to see…of not having an income where you can live on…of not having a profitable future.

If you want to at least get on the horse. I suggest you start right here.