Do Not Read This Post…If You Value Your Life

Wow! I just got off a 3 hour conference call with my web host provider and I am just stoked beyond belief, right now. I have known this guy for about 6 years. We worked for the same company and now have gone our own ways, but as you probably notice, life has a way of keeping people in touch.

Everything we talked about was this sharing of information and ideas and knowledge and vision and hope for the future. We only talk about one or two things every other month. But there is a common path that we are on now and what we are experiencing is a MOVEMENT that is taking place in America right now. Some are already experiencing it, and it is no respecter of person. There has never been another time in history which is getting ready to unfold. We are just in the on the outside fringes of it. This really is one of those incredible, life changing moments that we will look back on and can probably pinpoint the exact date and the exact time that we (my friend and I) first came in contact with the cusp of change in the culture and decided to act.

This has the potential to literally CHANGE — THE — WORLD. I can’t believe I’m the one writing this. You can pinpoint to great times in history and you know when people took action to stand up for what they believe and to rise above the “status quo” with the coming of the “Industrial Revolution” or to stand up against evil oppressors as with “World War II”. You can pinpoint even social trends or fads from the “Vietnam/Peace” era of the ’70s to the “Dot Com Bust” in early 2000. Even today you see “Social Media” trending like wildfire and political unrest with the start of a “Tea Party”.

The crazy thing about this movement is that it’s roots have always been here. It’s foundations were laid as this country developed, and ironically enough, as technology increased, we moved away from it. And now as technology increases even more, we are moving back to it, but in a greater degree than we could even have imagined. It may start out slow with warning signs. Or it may catch fire quickly. It may reach millions, maybe billions twenty years from now. Or it may just reach you right now.

I did not make this movement. I am only watching this movement unfold before our eyes.   And this is the part where a great many of you will want to close your eyes and go back to work. If you read on and don’t fully embrace this movement, that WILL take place, your life will be over. It is like going down Alice’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ or taking Neo’s ‘Red Pill’. Unfortunately for you, there will be no climbing out. sleepless nights, horrid dreams, and a feeling of complete uselessness and despair await you if do not fully embrace the movement once it grips you. There are a great many people who have gone before us and a great many will continue to do so after us on both sides. Accept or Reject. If you choose to reject, reject now before it is too late. Although, if you are reading this post, I imagine it may already be too late.

The only reason that they will call this a movement is because there will eventually be so many people catching on and actually taking action on what I am telling you, that they will have no choice but to classify it as such.  There are only two events that have ever given me enough sensational foresight to actually know the truth of which I speak. I will share with you one of those events now.

THE PREPARATION: When you realize your deepest calling–that passion in the innermost being of your soul that defines who you are… and you are so in tune with that calling that your insides feel like they are on the outside, radiating out from every fiber of your being… you know you are close to an awakening moment to embrace this movement.

THE TRANSITION: One day you will finally get it. One day you will finally realize that “I choose what actions I take”. One day the light bulb will turn on. And when you turn on a light bulb from your soul, it DOES NOT easily go out. The urge for your spirit to be set free from a time prison that sucks your life, will emphatically cause you to LOATHE your job to the breaking point. Here is where you decide to join the movement, take action, and live! or retreat to another career path, another job… and die!

THE MOVEMENT: So what is this movement that I speak of? I will be very succinct and very clear. People will be so tired of being caged in an industrial mentality from working in a job- that it will seem like they have “no choice” of their own volition to stay in a particular job. They will not be able to stand working out of their talent zone. They will feel like their life is rotting beneath them the longer they stay in this particular environment. So, they will break out on their own. They will run their own businesses that is integrated with their lifestyle and their soul. They will try. They will fail. They will fail again. They will fail again. They will fail again. They will fail again. –They will succeed. When people see so many other people breaking free from the rut, they will break free too, and it will cause tremendous ripples of Microsoft-ian proportions. This exodus from the uninspiring workplace to “calling-centered passionate vocations” will be the “movement”. People will enjoy their work. It will be hard for them. They will love it. They will profit exponentially. Some of that profit will be money. They will make a living. They may even be monetarily wealthy.

THE RESULT: People will connect with other people who each have other businesses, they will barter, they will trade the most valuable commodity–time. They will exchange goods and services, they will buy what they need or want. They will give what they don’t. The poor will always be with them. There will still be companies who exploit their workers. There will still be “big business” there will still be “small business”, there will be home based business. There will be company based businesses. The point is … people will be using and developing their “sweet spot” for their talent to flourish. There will be leaders. There will be workers. There will be rock stars. People will be happier, closer connected, and have time with their families or friends. Family will value the time with their loved ones.

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES: A person who loves to organize or cook develops a business to shop for her customers groceries for the week. Schools, colleges, institutions wouldn’t have to exist because the teachers would be teaching their own students and getting paid privately. The lessons they get can be anywhere from well-rounded curriculum to apprenticeships. Children who could not afford private lessons would get all their lessons from automated Video teachings. Comic book teams believe in a common goal, share their talents, make a book, sell the book, and split the profits.

The ECONOMY of FREE becomes commonplace and the commodity of TIME is the great equalizer.

This idea is not new. It is happening now. It has been happening for a long time. It has not happened yet to the extent that would classify a movement, but it soon will. You have to decide which side you will be on? Choose Life!

I wonder what trendy name they will call it.