How to Create Unique Graphic Novels

I am greatly encouraged by the number of webcomics and the comic creators now circling the globe on the world wide web–each one a product of a unique artist who has a unique story to share, and a unique way of sharing it. This grassroots movement of artists sharing their goals and visions will usher in new generations able to accept the media, embrace it, and share it more abundantly.

I want you to embrace this uniqueness because you are what makes your creations unique. Your abilities, your desires, your plans,  all combine to make a unique product for the market. Embracing your unique gifts will give you an advantage over every other person, and make you shine as a bold creator.

Coming to the end of my journey, I wanted to reflect on some of the unique characters I have seen over my exploration. In a bit of Aesop’s fable fashion, I wondered if we could learn any comic lessons from these unique creatures from us.

artistic cow

Artistic Cow. Follows the herd. Gets scared and runs easily, and stays together in packs, not wanting to venture on his own.Young, noble, strong artistic deer, finding their way on their own 2 feet, need help getting off the ground. But when they do, they a quick learn and can OWN their destiny. Mentor cat, wise independent, every watchful, careful to extract every resource for it's purpose of agility. The mentor can helps the young padawan learn and be free.


Artistic dog, fighting those who come near. opening up to a select few. creating an inner circle of close allies and forgetting the masses.Artistic Bird. Early to rise, gathers the worm. works for food. Sees the bigger picture and focuses their work toward a significant end.Artistic frog. Too pooped to hop. Spent all day doing the hard work, now lays in the sun, too tired to get to the shade. Should have worked less and got more done.

artistic horses

Artitic Horses. Strong, vibrant artist, well groomed, ready to tackle any assignment. Superstars of the comic industry. Humble. Dedicated to making comics and imparting their own artistic vision in everything they do. artistic opossumArtistic Opossum. Unique and sneaky. Schedule is a little crazy. Pretending to sleep in the corner, while working all night. Friends do not share same habits. Social life is gone. Life runs him over because he is out of balance with nature.Artistic llamaHow did I run all the way to South America? Artistic Llama? I didn’t even think there was such a thing. Watch out–they spit! This artist you don’t even know about, but he’s there–and he’s powerfully good. Why didn’t we discover him first?Artistic BullArtistic bull. Powerful. Exciting. Lots of talent in this beast. That raw artistic power could hurt someone without proper guidance. With the proper team, this is guy is probably going to the best entrepreneur alive. Without the proper team, he may destroy himself and those around him.Artistic TurtleArtistic Turtle. Off to a slow start? Don’t worry! Keep at it little turtle. You remember the most famous of the races. Who wins? The one who is tried and true. Confident. Continually working toward the goal. Never giving up. Protects himself from outsiders scoffing at him. Runs toward the goal and never looks back.

P.S. Thanks to the other unique creatures who were too swift for me to get a picture of. Rat, Rabbit, Chipmunk. No animals were harmed in the making of this post. There were, however, animals harmed on the roads in which I ran. )

Where are you at in your journey? Which unique creature are you? If you are unique as I think you are, you probably don’t share any of these traits. What are your unique traits?