How to Create the Perfect Comic Book Creator

Friday Failure Club
Episode 9: Jessica

First, a recap that led to the title of this post. This one really hit home.

Jessica knows nothing about business. A friend of hers quit his job and is doing what she hopes to do. She is a little jealous. She’s scared. Not having the knowledge of how to do something is scary. Seeing other people succeed is helpful. It makes you know that it is possible. It also makes you a little jealous that’s it not you, doesn’t it. It is not a carefree, worryfree life. What if I fail? What if I stumble? Is all I’ve done a waste? Don’t be jealous, get in there and learn and learn and learn some more.

I think I can relate to Jessica very easily. I’ve been pouring work into things which is going to be of tremendous value to myself and others … if we allow it that opportunity. If you want to go to a new height, you have to change your attitude, you have to change your perceptions, you have to change your capacity for learning. You have to change little by little into someone you want to become–staying true to yourself, and acquiring the skills needed to succeed.

Some people may not be ready to change, you may not be ready for change. Change comes whether we want it or not. We must be ready. We must embrace it. We must be proactive. Without it, we are doomed to our own failure.

How to Create the Perfect Comic Book Creator.

1. Take a person who know that comics are the best way to tell a story, communicate vision, or promote a product or service
2. Give that person a vision for what is possible to achieve through hard work.
3. Allow the person the freedom to fail. Learn and try again to succeed.
4. Try again.
5. Inch by Inch, day by day, keep changing for the better, striving to be and do your best.

Do you make a promise to yourself that you are going to succeed this year?
Are you living up to that promise?

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