Is There Really Too Much Competion In The Comic Book Biz?

All I hear from is creators too scared to go into the narrative art business.

“This is too crowded a field” they say. Only the best artists get jobs. Even they can’t find work. How will I ever be able to make it, if my idol as a kid can’t even get work in the industry?

The solution: Grow the narrative art industry.

Quit being scared. The only reason that anyone may even think for one second there is too much competition in the comic book world is that they have been feeding off the wrong gravy train. Too many big fish in a  little pond? Swim for rougher waters. There is an ocean out there. Little fish grow much bigger when the water will allow it. Why do you listen to people who can’t get a job in the industry and let them steer you down the path of their failures.

It is time to be a leader. Step up. Make your artwork known. Show people what you’ve got.

Make it so mesmerizing, they can’t help but want more! When enough of us start stepping up, more and more people take notice. Our society will want to see more and more narrative art, and guess who will be there to fill that gap-YOU!

Better start learning your marketing now. Because you will be too busy producing to learn it later.