Common Denominators?

Disciple deep is live. As a first post, I wanted to define what this blog was all about, but in doing so, it seems more appropriate to focus on the greater cause and the need for such a blog to be in existence.

It seems that as much as we want to change things from our ordinary lives to be something bigger, better, and more extraordinary than we already are, we fail to understand a few of the key components of the human race that we can do nothing to change.

A few of these characteristics are :
1. We are who we are and we cannot be somebody else.
2. We are loved more than we possibly imagine just by being who we are.
3. We have an allotted time to do with as we choose.
4. Our time will run out.

It is vitally important that we know each of these things. And we really wrap our hearts around our purpose for living, our reason for creating art, and our legacy in which we want to fulfill before our time on this planet expires.

The intentions of this blog are to add incredible value into your life. As I connect with you, I want to inspire you to use every unique creative atom in you for the betterment of everyone in your sphere of influence in this existence of life we are in together.