Get Comics To Generate Demand Then Supply.

Remember yesterday when Doonsebury went back on the list? This is a responsive readership. Doonesbury people bought papers. Most people look at the SUPPLY part of Supply and Demand. When they supply runs out, the demand increases. Why don’t we start using the term Demand and Supply. When the Demand Increases we just Supply more.
If you want to increase profits you have to increase demand. For narrative art the Supply doesn’t matter as much as the demand, we can always
create more. Getting the demand up
is our biggest problem right now.
If we can do it, it will unleash a
tidal wave of opportunities to be able to attract big clients to us and allow
us to greatly see an INCREASED
for all of our efforts.

I’m going to have an Internet Christmas Party with my fans on Wednesday. I’ll be answering any questions you have, giving you personal coaching, and just having a good time talking about what you want to talk about. I want to know how I can personally help you achieve everything you want in your comic book career. I’ll be on the line for 1 hour just here for you. From 10:00-11:00a.m. Central Standard Time. Do me a favor and shoot me an email with any topics or specific questions you may have so we can make the most of our time together.