A Comic Creator’s Taste of Freedom

There are 4 types of freedoms in the comic book world which you should choose to be part of.

1. Working at a high paying salary loving what you do.

The fact that if I work for someone I will be able to get a decent salary kept me pushing for a long time. The belief that if I made a decent salary doing what I love, I would be happy. Well, it’s true. You can be happy–and you should be happy. If you can meet all your bills and do what you love and you are working at Marvel and DC and have a great salary and can keep up your skills to make hundreds of thousands of people happy. You should do it.

You are the envy of every comic fan in the world. Enjoy the spotlight.

2. Creator owned titles that produce royalty checks and residual income.

Creator owned titles put you in the best position possible to make the most money. You can sell you own art, you own the rights if it gets made into a movie or video game. You’ll be able to make all the money. Sometimes you’ll put a piece of work out that resonates with other people and you’ll be able to make bank.

Look at the Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Family Guy, Star Wars, Dilbert. Love what you create. Throw something unique out there. Let people latch onto it and you have die hard fans to propel you for life.

3. You can be extremely wealthy.

I’m talking fat cat wealthy. No matter how much money you make, you simply can’t spend it fast enough. Your marketing and advertising campaigns have been successful. Every project you touch turns to gold.

You erect museums and hospitals. You build universities, houses, and hotels, sell them for a profit when you move to France. You can help many people see the value in many things. You are enamored by friends who you knew when you were poor. You set up publishing companies at a loss, so you can spread the positive messages with people. You want society to be better, so you put your soul into making it that way. People reward your generosity only making you far richer.

4. You can have no bills.

For those of us, who are young with no debt, a bike, a shack and a pencil. you can be very happy. With no payments to make, you can make a living getting you food to eat by producing artwork. This is the utmost part of freedom that you can aspire to. To be truly able to give all your time, energy, money, dedication to your craft for the benefit of others.

To be truly content, you must only look as far as yourself and your surrounding and be content no matter what they are. This is ulitmate freedom.