Comic Con is Over. Are You?

Today, you are heading home. The event you’ve waited for all year is over.

You’ve met all the new prospects you are going to. You’ve seen all the outrageous booths.

You’ve peddled your wares and hopefully grabbed some new fans.

New ideas have probaby captivated your thoughts.

Hauling your stuff back home you reflect.

What now?

What do I do now that Comic Con is over?
Sit down. Gather your thoughts put all those ideas into an action plan.
See what you can accomplish in the next 2 weeks that will get you closer to your goal.

Don’t let the passing of a day, start the passing of your dream. Don’t sit
and wait for the next con. Don’t sit and wait for next year. Learn all you can. Put it into
action. Create. Be bold. Be strong.

Comic cons should be the ignitor of creativity.
When we come home we should be inspired, not tired. Write. Draw. Create. Now is your chance. Every day you let pass now without taking immediate action will push you backward in your goals. You are at the height of your excitement right now.

You are like a junkie on drugs. There is nothing that anyone can say to you that will phase you. There is no negativity strong enough that will knock you down — not today. Today you
will put into place the thoughts, the fires, the enlightenment, the ideas, the products, that will keep you going all year long.

Make the plan. Write down the one thing that you took from con this year that excited you the most. Put it on your refrigerator. Look at it everyday. Say that is going to be me. I’m going to inspire people like that guy/gal inspired me. That is going to me. I’m starting right now. THAT IS GOING TO BE ME.

To fuel your excitement, I am going to rerelease the independent’s day videos to give you some direction on your new found freedom. These free videos will be up for an entire week. Absorb them and learn everything you can from them. Next Sunday, they are going back in the vault. If you learn something from them and want to go deeper get on the mailing list

The INDEPENDENTS DAY course will be open for you to purchase next week FOR ONE DAY ONLY. And I am only taking 5 students. Next Sunday, July 30th. It will be open for a small window of time. If you want to know the details, get on the mailing list.




Use these free gifts to make your dreams of comic books a reality.
Absorb them. watch them over and over. I’ll see you next week.