Comic Book Marketing Leaders

The Best Comic Book Marketing Leaders

For real indepth Comic Book Marketing advice, these guys are the top in our industry.

1. Comic Book Marketing by Phil Hampton’s The Comic Academy.

Phil Hampton’s personal one-on-one attention with his clients are none short of amazing. He always offers valuable insights and he has the only mastermind community anywhere on the web for comics.

2. Comic Book Marketing by Mat NastosĀ 

Mat Nastos will always let you buy him a beer. He was the first comic book marketer that I found online and has never yet dissappointed me. His advice is always top notch. I’m sure he won’t mind me promoting his book. Check out a preview for free. Then buy it.

3. Comic Book Marketing by Shawn Swanson over at Raaarr!

I recently found Shawn’s posts over at Raaarr! His comic book marketing tips are some very valuable insights. The great thing about Shawn’s posts are they are quick and catchy and to the point. Not much discussion. It is what it is.

4. Comic Book Marketing by the How to Make Webcomics Guys

You know their names. You probably know where to find them too. Let me help out the newbies. Brad Guigar, Dave Kellet, Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub. Even though the title is Webcomics. There is so much marketing packed into this book, I couldn’t help but include them. There is some Real World Comic Book Marketing Tips in the Book. I’d stick with the book. Not too much marketing advice from what I can see on their blogs.

5. Comic Book Marketing by Patrick Wilhelm.

These guys are brainstormers. If you everything you’ve tried to do doesn’t succeed. They will find a way to get your comic into the reader’s hands.

Feel like you’re the next big comic book marketing guru? We’ll see, drop me a line and we’ll talk.

So, why didn’t I make the list? I mean this is my blog, I should on here somewhere right?
Well, I won’t be a leader until I make it on somebody else’s blog. You are not a leader until you help people. Otherwise, you are just a loner. Plus, I don’t think people will be as receptive to your comic book as you would like them to be. There is too much bad stigmatism with that terminology as I point out here.

To make the most of your marketing effort, I think we need to REBRAND THE COMIC INDUSTRY and it starts by changing our name, our attitude, and our look. Why do you think DC is doing it? It’s time.