How To Be a Comic Book Iron Man

Today we are going to learn a lesson from Tony Stark to show you how you can imitate his abilities to make your own products. I am sure you’ve seen the Iron Man movies. If you haven’t, I highly recommend them. Very fun action adventure flick and Robert Downy Jr. plays the perfect role.

Today I want to go back to roots, we’ll use the movie as the foundation. Remember when Tony got captured? He was stuck in the cave and built a suit to get him out of the terrorist camp. This was the beginning of Iron Man. The suit was functional. Born out of necessity. It was an ugly suit, but it got the job done.

The same thing should apply to your comics career when you are thinking about making new products. If you want to end up making bigger strides than you have ever had, you want to make sure your idea has wings. You don’t want to make a pretty package with a little bow on it. You want to put your idea out there and see if it’s gets some attention. Make it rough. Present the concept, get it done, birth it out of necessity. Show what you can do. Put it out there. When you get some feedback you can put streamline it to look sophisticated and paint it fire engine red and take it to the masses.

Putting out products is a lot like a structural drawing. Build it from the bottom up. The anatomy, gesture and sketch has to be accurate before you can put all the details on your product. Get feedback to see if anyone is interested in what you have to offer. What a waste of time if you put a lot of work into something no one wants!

Take the lessons from Iron Man. Build your product rough. See if it works for people. Make it better.