Comic Book Industry Changes

EPISODE 4: Horses and Hogs

Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR

The point of Failure Club is to not let fear of failure stop you from trying your best to succeed. If you at least give your chance the ability to fail, you will have a great journey that you never would have taken if you haven’t taken that first steps.

My Biggest Failure

I think my biggest failure so far, after working for about a year, is targeting a wrong audience. One of my mentors, whom I paid about $300 for his advice, (which I’ll give you for free) said that I should target people not where they are, but where they want to be.

I had a great idea in my head of when I first started that people would like to know the ins and outs of the comic book media. I was trying to connect with them where they were, and in the end they may get a job in the comic book industry. But this isn’t where they want to be, and it isn’t my dream for them either.

What I took from this advice is that even though there are a lot of people who want to get involved in comics, no one wants to start out in comics. We only want to be the best comic creator of our own property and make the millions of dollars that come with that copyright.

Getting people on that journey is the key.

I’m writing up a synopsis of what I think this journey looks like and I’ll be sharing it with a few people on my email list who have inquired about it. If you want to come along that path, on this journey with me, put your name and email into my email list to keep up-to-date on notices like this. Please do so now. It is quick. It is painless. And you’ll get to know some extra details as they unfold.

This has make a big change in the way I see business entirely.

After that, you may think about who are you targeting in your business and where do you want them to be?


A great quote from last week’s episode was. “You come home to your wife and kids. You have dinner. You sit on the couch and you think: ‘maybe tomorrow’. And tomorrow lasts a long time.  Now (being in Failure Club) you have something pushing you and your are obligated to go through with it.”

What’s pushing you?

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