How to Face Your Fear of the Narrative Art Comic Book Hospital

Episode 19: Gina

Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR

Are you going to the hospital? Gina’s goal is to jump horses, but she’s always had some back sprains and her pain was so bad she ended up in the hospital.

As many of you know, I run on a pretty regular basis. And for some reason my knew started hurting a couple of weeks ago, I put ice on it and nothing seemed to help. This week, I did end up going to the doctor so I wouldn’t damage my knee any further.

After about 5 miles, I usually can’t run anymore–which is sad because I’m training for marathons. The doctor gave me a band to support my knee and said we’d look at it in a few weeks. This has been very hard for me to not run as much as I would like…especially with spring coming, the weather getting warmer, and we are starting another Biggest Loser Competition.

The doctor seems to think that it is a tendon issue, and we will look at physical therapy if it is not better in a few weeks. He said I could run on it and to take some pain reliever to help the pain go away.

This pain in the narrative art comic book creation can be just as painful. What is the pain in your comic book world treating you like?

Once I got the OKAY from the doctor to run. I stopped babying my leg and just started pounding the pavement with my feet again. I ran up hills instead of the flat surface. I put pressure evenly on both legs instead of just on one leg. Since, I have not run in a while because of the pain, my endurance gives out before my leg does. I hope to remedy that soon.

I can’t wait to get running more and more in the spring for marathon training. How much of your comic book training is all in your head? How many excuses do you use? We may just need to get on track to doing what you love and not giving up–no matter what. Get back on the horse!

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