How To Be The Best Comic Book Creator — EVER!


STEP 1: Use all the assets you’ve got

STEP 2: Develop your assets

STEP 3: Repeat.

If you are trying to break into comics, you have probably asked these questions of anybody and everybody you know,

“How do you do it?”

“What tools do you use?”

“What skills do I need?”

“What school should I go to?”

I know because I asked these same questions. However, these are not the questions you should ask, and these are not the people you should ask. You should ask yourself:

“How can I do it?”

“What tools do I already know how to use?”

“What skills do I already have?”

“What skills do I want to develop?”

Everything in your life has brought you to this point right now where you have made a decision to make comics. And it’s a great time because reinventing comics is happening right before your eyes. Due to improved technology to deliver comics to the masses, stagnation in the retail industry, excitement by the masses due to theatrical releases of our favorite superheroes, and a growing population of comic book geeks who are raising children, the doors are wide open and everyone can — and needs to — take advantage of this time in comic book history.

So, how are you going to put yourself at the forefront of this new generation to be reinventing comics?

You are going to recognize WHO YOU ARE. You are going to recognize what you are MADE FOR. You are going to recognize what your PURPOSE IS. You are going to recognize what you can do RIGHT NOW, using the assets, tools, and skills that you have right now to make comics. You already have all of the assets you need. You have a brain. You have a heart. You have an overactive imagination. You have a desire to make comics. You have 24 hours a day. Everyone has these things if you are reading this post.

What else do you have? a box of crayons? a pencil? an eraser? some paper? colored pencils? paint? ink? a computer? a tablet? an ipad? photoshop? illustrator? gouche? brush? fingerpaint? a scanner? a digital camera? a book? a mentor? a library card? an amazon account? google?

Got some homework for you this week. What assets do you have right now? (Think outside the box.) Make a list and try to find at least one thing in your asset arsenal that you are not utilizing fully –or properly–that will make the biggest impact in your life creating comics.

When you are done with that, I highly suggest you work on learning how to market yourself. Here is how!