How To Get Over the Comic Book Blues

When you are having a huge bout of depression that your comics aren’t ever going to take off, that you feel you are actually going backwards in your skills, and you don’t want to draw or promote anything ever again…sometimes you feel like giving up. Don’t.

All things being equal, the one with persistence wins.

To get over the comic book blues, put your attention toward positive action. You could spend weeks in a depression of not getting better. Instead, clear your head. Get out have fun. The instant you start to feel depressed take one small action toward one positive result.

Sometimes only a small action in the right direction will help you move forward instead of backward. While at the Kubert School, kids were full of confidence and excitement on the first day, by the end of the year, through being pushed through deadlines and a heavy workload, some of the guys, including me–despite all our education, felt like we drew worse than when we first started. Talk about depression.

But you come home and take one action to get positive results. (In my case I got some storyboard work). (Talk to someone. Draw your favorite charater. Take a run. Eat a bowl of Cheerios instead of cheesecake.) — One positve action can start you on your path to again. Instead of feeling depressed about you can’t control, IMMEDIATELY, take action on doing one POSITIVE thing that you can.

The quicker your response time–to recognize the depression–and then use your creativity to find a quick positive action–and act upon it–the quicker you will overcome the comic book blues and push you toward your ultimate destiny of making comic book narrative art.

In Review:

When you are feeling depressed of the comic book blues..

1. Recognize that you are feeling depressed immediately.

2. Be creative. Think of your surroundings. Think of one small thing you can do to make a healthy productive choice. (draw a smile)(eat some fruit)(draw a quick gesture exercise)(write a funny story)(hug a friend)(write a blog post)(imagine your fans of the future buying your graphic novels)(create a new board game)(color in a coloring book)

3. Take immediate action on your idea.

If you can shrink all three of these steps down to 10 minutes or less, you will get over your depression quick, and be well on your way to a healthier, proactive day and overcome the comic book blues.