How to Bring Order to Your Comics Career

ORDER — Let all things have their places; Let all parts of your business have it’s time.

Is everything in your work environment in order? Is it messy?

The usual blog post about this subject would talk about straightening your things and talking about how you should have time dedicated to work, and time dedicated to family. Usually, if we focus on the having a clear head, a clear environment, and a clear workplan, it’s typically a lot easier to get work accomplished. We know what to do. We know how to flat out get things done. If something is out of place it messes with us. It takes longer to do what we need to do. It costs us time and money and relationships.

I want to go outside the box on this issue. Because of something my daughter said today. What if we don’t know where to start?

My daughter asked me today. Dad, I need your help drawing a hand. And honestly, those things are hard to draw. I broke it down to a pentagon and 5 lines and she was pleased. She seems to have mastered everything else she needs, but not drawing hands, for some reason.

I got to thinking about how often we may take a piece of something that we think is important and focus entirely on that. (like drawing the hands) when in reality, a master artist would look at the entire composition first. We think, we need to draw hands and feet, but what good does that do except practice drawing hands and feet? Why are you doing it? Shouldn’t you learn composition skills first?

But why would you do that? Shouldn’t you learn why you are even drawing in the first place?

But why would you do that? Shouldn’t you learn how to create a sustainable living from writing or drawing first?

It seems like we have all the answers of what to do, and we go headstrong into doing it. (I’m guilty) We follow what we think is the best option for us–Many times it is the best option at the time. But wouldn’t it be better if part of the order would take the grand scheme of things into account.


Let’s start at the top and work down, shall we?

Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? How best can I do that? How will I be able to survive while I’m doing this thing I’m supposed to be doing? Will I die doing this thing? Will I have the money to buy food? Will I have a place to sleep? Will friends and family be a support while I attempt this thing? Do I know the best path to achieve all of my goals? Am I just listening to what other people who have failed, or am I listening to those who have succeeded? Do I have the equipment in place? Am I creating the right kind of things? Will this thing I create lead to a better future or a worse one? How’s my composition? Does this hand look right?

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