Biggest Expense Liability of a Comic Book Creator

Given that everyone has assets of some level. I wanted to take a quick check at what liabilities you may possess. I am speaking specifically to the things you may deem as hinderances or disadvantages we human comic book creators possess. Even though the heroes we create may typically not have very many weaknesses. I’ve noticed creators will have a lot of things blocking their way.

Some of my favorites are: “I’m not good enough”, “I wish I could draw/write like so-and-so”, “I don’t know what my niche is”, “I don’t know who my audience is”, “I don’t have the skills to perform where I need to”, “I don’t know what it would take to make the best comic book ever”, “I don’t have the tools to create comics”, “I have a spouse and kids”, I don’t have time to work on making comics”, “I don’t have money to invest in the tools to make comics”, “I can’t work hard enough”, “There’s not enough hours in the day”, “I can’t find my voice”, “I’m not understanding why no one wants my products”, “I’m jealous of others having success”, “I’m wishing I could have implemented that idea 4 years ago”, “They stole my idea”.

I’m sure we’ve all said something like these things through all our comic book careers, but most of these unanswered questions can be taught, and we can cope with or fight most of our inadequacies. We can even turn our past mistakes into opportunities for advancement. So what’s the biggest liability a comic creator can have?–

Losing Your Dream.

No one can replenish this for you. If you’ve lost your desire, your hope, your purpose for life, your purpose for creating, then who is going to give that back to you? No one. This is who you are. This is your being. How bad do you want to live?

All the inspiration, motivation, and exploration you rely on to keep you taking that next step are all for not if you lose your soul…if you lose your creative edge…if you lose your reason for creating…if you lose your reason for life.

Don’t let it happen! Don’t get frustrated with yourself when you feel like you are getting no where. Don’t get down on yourself for not doing the critical steps necessary to succeed. Just change it. Find that spot inside of you where there is no room for doubt.. no room for error… filled with confidence… extravagance… intelligence… Find the place where all is good with your life, your family, your career, your job, your thoughts. Find the place where you can relish in life and all it’s beauty. Find that next drawing that will take you farther than you’ve ever been … So you can LIVE!

You may never have had that spot. You may have been in the depths for so long, you think there is no way out. What is stopping you? Alcohol? Drugs? Sex? Anger? Inferiority? Money? Friends? Family? Time Management? Laziness? Excuses? Let me ask you: where do you see yourself in 5 years, 15 years, 50 years? 100 years? We don’t know if we will have 1 day, or 10,000 days. Make the most of right now. Wake up every day like it is your first day at LIFE. Go to bed every night like it is your last. ENJOY yourself. ENJOY others. ENJOY LIFE. The things that trip us up the most are little inconveniences caught in our head. 99.9% of them  don’t even exist except within our own mind. Don’t worry if you aren’t good enough. The guy that is successful worries about it too. The difference is: THEY KEPT LIVING THEIR DREAM! They never stopped!

If you lose your dream and don’t get what you want out of life, it’s your fault. You are liable.

We need some encouragement going on out here. So, what is your dream, and why are you not stopping just yet?