The Answer to all of your Comic Book Questions is Just Around the Bend.


I kept going down the road and what was up ahead? I don’t
know. Maybe I’ll turn back again, or should I keep going? Well, I’m going on.
I’m not turning back. What lies on the road ahead? Curiosity keeps me pushing
on. I’ll never know what is there. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it beautiful? Will
it be scary? There’s so many unanswered questions. How will we find the
answers? Only one way—KEEP GOING! See what’s ahead.

running with comics Big Bend
You never know what’s here until you KEEP GOING

Well this was an incredible turn. A bridge, and an ENTIRE
RIVER flowing under it. This is crazy. I’ve got to find a way to canoe on this

running with comics river
running with comics river


Too many people stop exploring. Then they stop using their imaginations. Then they stop their creativity. Then they stop producing. Then they stop caring.
Don’t stop. Start the creative process over again. Start exploring. Never stop peering around that corner.